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Disparity among Business Analyst and Data Analyst

“Business Analyst and Data Analyst are like two apples of the same tree but having different qualities and taste”

Both work on getting business insights, but Business Analyst work majorly on gathering requirements which are critical to client’s needs they can e systems specific requirement as well.

Where as Data Analyst get insights from the data provided by the client o researched data or past data  which is related to client’s business needs (More of descriptive, predictive, prescriptive analytics)

Business Analyst should possess atleast some domain knowledge about the client’s business and services provided. N the other side Data Analyst should possess data analysing tools knowledge.

Today Data Analyst are also popularly known as Data Scientist which work on Big Data. Many organisations (e.g. SME’s) have same resource who can be termed as Data Analyst as well as Business Analyst.

Core Competencies of Business Analyst are:

  • Requirement understanding and gathering
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Business communication
  • Business Analysis
  • Some Project Management skills

Core Competencies of Data Analyst are:

  • Understanding Data and Data warehouse structure
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) activities
  • Data science/Business analytics
  • BigData Analysis
  • Data visualization skills
  • Knowledge of different Data Analysing tools

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