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Disparities between Business Analyst and Data Analyst

Business Analyst


Business analyst is the one who ensures that he figures out what a projects needs, he is the one who look for opportunities and grabbing them before they go. He will be the face of the company to the client. He will be the one who take care of the client requirement and he will be playing a huge role in taking a project moving forward. Once the project is prepared he will start testing along with the end user to know about the project’s working conditions and capability.  In case any problems comes he has to send it to concern team for the redo and configure.

Business analyst will assist in improving the existing business process by understanding the key issues  and improving the efficiency through their analysis and critical thinking capabilities. They will communicate the client’s requirements to the development team. Testing the developed use case before handing the solutions to client.


Business analyst are more concerned with the business implications of the current project he works on how to get implemented and execute before the tat and effective. They work in various industries including health care , manufacturing, finance , banking software etc. They are a problem solver, the one who execute and find solution and create new ideas for project’s successful completion.

Business Analyst provide the functional specifications to IT system design in which the will develop coding and forward it for testing and then business analyst  do a UAT Testing before submitting it to the client. They engage and communicate with stakeholders at all level of organization. Business analyst’s responsibilities may include  reviewing data about current working projects ,interviewing  users  to identify technology challenges , preparing documents that gives detailed functional requirements, create flowchart for programmers to follow that.

Below are the roles of a Business analyst in a specified project


  • Defining business case
  • Preparing required elicitation techniques
  • Analysing business requirements
  • Understanding business requirements
  • Allocating the works to concern and qualified team
  • Observe the works along with every team and do reports.
  • Validating Solutions
  • Making decisions with stakeholders
  • Performing UAT testing.


Data Analyst

A successful Data analyst needs to have a combination of technical as well as communication skills. Create actionable insights and report for better understanding. They work closely with the management team to prioritized the current business needs. They are answerable for recognizing  the critical business problem, giving the proper measurable procedures  to gather structured  and unstructured data, to develop conclusions.

Data analytics role contain predictive skills which he will aggregate and analyses historical data to help company respond appropriately to future outcomes. As More organization move their applications to cloud they are improving their ability to innovate new and effective ideas with the application development.

Here are some of the skills a Data Analyst can expect to employ:

  • Identify and sourcing the data
  • Converting the data into human readable form which means breaking the code and converting the language to machine readable form.
  • Analysing data for patterns and trend
  • fixing coding errors and related problems
  • Analysing global trends that impact the company
  • Routine reporting
  • Visualising data to make it easier to understand
  • Identify data anomalies
  • Identify errors in data
  • Preparing reports for the management.

Mostly Data analyst associated customers, business process and more to provide inputs to senior management and project manager to be a support In decision making effort.





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