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Difference between Business Analyst & Data Analyst

Business Analyst & Data Analyst, both the roles help organizations to make decisions based on the collected data. Business Analyst will work for the Business needs using different techniques for better process flow resulting better work management , Data Analyst will work with Data for the desired results. We’ll try to discuss the Responsibilities, role difference, Work difference, Skill difference for Business Analyst & Data Analyst.


Business Analyst Vs. Data Analyst.



Business Analyst work with the Business Needs, Organizational Requirements, Opportunities hidden within and the solutions for the requirements. Business analyst work in a process, following detailed Organization analysis & Stakeholder analysis. Below are some responsibilities of a Business analyst:

  • Analyzing current process flow in organization
  • Reviewing existing processes and finding the requirements of different Stakeholders
  • Presenting the detailed analysis to the Key Stakeholders.
  • Creating visual prototype
  • Helping developer Team & Testing Team to understand the requirement if explanation is needed.
  • Creating documented presentation for the same.

Data Analyst gather, clean, present the gathered data to organization, required to make a decision. The Data analyst has to assist organizations in data management. After a decision is taken and any question arises on the decision or need, Data Analyst has to answer the question with the data. Data analyst must have programming knowledge which is not required by a Business Analyst. Programming Knowledge will give Data analyst a better understanding of the requirement or need. Some of the responsibilities of a Data Analyst are as below.

  • Gathering Data from various Sources
  • Cleaning the gathered data & visually presenting the same.
  • Analyzing data for trend


The skillsets like Problem Solver, Presentation knowledge, Clear Communicator, leadership are common among both the roles. However, some skills are specific to the roles which we’ll discuss below.

Business Analyst:

  • Requirement gathering & Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Tools: MS Visio, Balsamiq, Axure (Design Tools)

Data Analyst:

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Structure Knowledge
  • SQL
  • Programming Knowledge
  • Tools: Datapine, Talend, MySQL, etc.


Processing flow:

Business Analyst:         Business Analyst will work closely with Stakeholders to gather the requirements. He will use different elicitations techniques to gather requirements from different stakeholders. After requirement gathering he will prioritize the requirements to work upon. Business analyst then creates BRD & FRD. Which then discussed with developer team to work upon. During project development & testing phase, it is responsibility of Business Analyst to ensure all requirements are fulfilled. After the project completion, Business Analyst will complete the procedure with signoff document.


Data Analyst:               Data Analyst will gather the data from different sources for validating purpose. After the data is gathered, he will start working on the data by cleaning the data i.e. remove any irregularities and duplicates from the same. After the data is cleared, he will organize the data in sorted manner for further visually presentation. The cleaned and sorted data will be then used for data presentation as a solution for the questions available or asked for any purpose. The data presented by Data Analyst will help the Organization to take the decision. Data gathered & presented by the Data analyst can also be used by Organization to define the need or requirement to the vendor for assistance.


Business Analyst & Data Analyst both work for the key aspects or perspective required for the Decision to be taken by organizations. Above mentioned roles give us a different perspective to the problem or question & solution required from them.

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