Here we define that defect is known as fault or flaw that obtain in an product or service with incomplete item or good to use it.

Priority is defined as the name suggests, is about prioritizing  a defect based business needs and severity of the defect. Priority signifies the importance or urgency of fixing  a defect . while opening a defect tester  generally assigns the priority  initially as he views the  product from the end user perspective.  Example:  software testing bugs or defects.

Defect priority , also known as bug priority, indicates  the importance or urgency of fixing defect. Though priority may be initially set by the software tester, and it is finalized by product/project manager.

Here priority for a defect can be categorized as : High level, urgent, medium level, low level. Defect priority needs to be managed carefully in order to avoid product instability, especially when there is a large number of defects.

Defects  can be prioritized by identifying the defect reports on the basis of :product id, product name, project name, product release version and module. Summary and description of product and severity and priority of product defect.

Reporting the defects effectively as be specific, be detailed, be objective, and reproduce the defect and review the defect.

Assessing the  impact of defects:

As we know bugs that they may impact on the product being built. Since resources are limited. We can assess how much impact the defect business  using two metrics :

How much  the defect may cost and how severity  it is.

  1. Direct cost :

Defects that directly impact the ability  of software product  to earn money or directly lose money is direct cost.


  1. Indirect cost: indirect cost can occur when the end user is dissatisfied with the product.


  1. Correction cost : cost of fixing the defects increases the software development life cycle.





Assessing the severity of defect :


Severity 1 ; system failure or crash product unrealizable.


Severity 2 : malfunction  of a component or system.


Assigning priority ;


 Project schedule:  The status of the project  schedule help  inform how urgent it is to correct the defect.


Quality bar :  level of quality is targeted and agreed upon by the stakeholders, this quality bar can provide direction regarding priority.

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