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Customer relationship management

CRM is a technology to manage all your organisations relationships and communication with clients and potential clients.The main objective is to enhance the business objective. A CRM system helps the organisation to stay in touch with the customers, streamline processes and enhance profitability.When people discuss about CRM, they are usually refer about CRM system, a tool which helps you to associate with the contact management, sales management,productivity and so on .A CRM solution helps you to concentrate on your companies relationships with individual people,includes clients,service users,co worker or suppliers,throughout your relationship with them, which includes to find new customers, to win their business and to provide support and extra services.
CRM components
-Salesforce automation-salesforce automation is the most important elements of the CRM.This one such element that is accepted by the huge business organizations.It includes forecasting,record sales processing as well as to keep a track of the potential connections.The element also includes to analyse the sales forecasts and the production of the workforce
-Customer service-CRM make a point of collecting customer information and data, their buying information’s and patterns as well as giving collected information to the essential and concerned departments. This makes customer service an important element of CRM
-Human resource management-HRM involves in the productive and accurate use of human resource and skills at the particular moment and situation.This contains to confirm that the skills and abstract levels of the professionals match the task accepted by them according to their job profiles
-Workflow automation-A number of procedures run concurrently when it comes to the management and this involves an effective cost cutting as well as the streamlining of all the procedures. This circumstances of doing so is known as Workflow automation. It not only decreases the surplus expenditure but also protects the repetition of a specific task by different people by decreasing the work and work force that is becoming wasted for avoidable jobs
CRM importance in the business
-Better time management-With CRM, you don’t have to misuse your precious time for waiting for the system to get downloaded as it provides a centralized system for the data to be integrated that can be retrieved at any time and on any device
-Increase communication-CRM makes it possible for the workers to continue to offer high quality service even when the clients main point of contact is not available for any reason by giving client related information to whoever needs it

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