Conflict resolution techniques

Conflicts may occur anytime either in workplace or in our personal life. conflicts can be resolved based on our style and resolution skills. In a team, when conflicts are not resolved, it will show negative impact on teamwork and productivity. So every issue need to addressed properly and leader or manager should use certain strategy to solve problems in a organisation.

Conflict resolution techniques:
To solve the issues below the few resolution techniques.

Listen, Then speak Out:
Always listen to everyone in the group as it is a initial step to solve a conflict. Manager need to pay attention to all parties who are involved in conflict, so that nature of the issue and solutions can be easily determined.

Gather the group:
Leader or a manager need to take responsibility to organise a meeting and gather everyone at a point to discuss the issue. By doing this every individual will have a chance to talk and it will lead to provide an opportunity to know all sides of issue which gives clear understanding of the conflict. Group meeting plays a crucial in satisfying team members.

Be Impartial:
All ways lead or manager have to keep in mind that never be positive on one side over the other. Always be fair while providing a solution and it shouldn’t hurt anyone.

Do not Postpone Conflict Resolution:
Any conflicts that occurred need to be addressed immediately. If failed to do so then the performance of the employee will be affected. Always take a proper consideration while resolving an issue and results should not impact on staffs performance.

Promote Teamwork:
Always encourage and motivate your team. A Project will only be successful with a good teamwork and understanding between them. Managers responsibility is to promote benefits of a teamwork which will be the most effective conflict resolution technique.

Broadcast Praise:
”The power of motivation and encouragement can be multiplied when it is spread to recognise those who are modelling the teamwork and cooperation that is desired within the conflict”. Always behaviour modelling can be risky, as it may not suitable for all the instances, due to elements in the model can be unpleasant.

While resolving a conflict, it very crucial to follow company’s rules, regulations and policies. A proper ”conflict resolution training” need to taken with respective tools and techniques to keep bonding with team members.

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