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Conducting a session

  • Prior to starting a session:
    • –Always be the first one to arrive–Ensure the room is setup properly
    • –Ensure all equipment is available and operating
    • –Setup parking lot and issue Charts
  • Starting a session
    • –Begin with the introduction
    • –Review the objectives and agenda for meeting
    • –Ask someone to serve as timekeeper
    • –Discuss the session rule and ask for consensus agreement
    • –Explain the purpose of the parking lot and issue chart (  Requirement risk and assumption chart for requirement  gathering session)
    • –Start the agenda
  • During the session:
    • –Ensure everyone participation
    • –Keep group on Agenda and monitor the time
    • –Ensure session rules are respected
    • –Maintain group Energy level
    • –Monitor process and make adjustment as needed
    • –Manage conflict
      • Remember to stay neutral
      • Recognize arguments vs debates
      • Intervene when necessary
  • Ending the session
    • –Provide a summary of result
    • –Ensure action items have plans and responsibilities assigned
    • –Address how the parking lot and issue items will be handled
    • –Identify all follow-up items to be included in future sessions
    • –Invite feedback on the session
    • –Thank everyone for their participation

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