Conduct Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder is a person or a group of person or an organization who are directly or indirectly involved in a particular project and will get benefitted by that project.

  • Identify Stakeholders:

Following people usually get involved directly or indirectly in a project in an organization:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Sponsor / Business Owner
  • SME (Subject Matter Experts)
  • HR Manager
  • Admin
  • Stakeholders Listing Document:

The next step is to document those identified stakeholders in an Excel or in a Word document. All of the collected information then are effectively used to support the project later.

  • Stakeholders Summary:

All of the identified stakeholders are then stored and prioritized according to their involvement in that particular project and get summarized in such a manner so that those stakeholders can be easily identified according to their contribution in that particular project.

  • RASCI Matrix:

RASCI Matrix is an acronym for Responsible, Accountable, Supporting, Consulted and Informed.

  • R- Responsible:

A person who is working on activity is a responsible person.

  • A-Accountable:

A person having decision or authority on activity is an accountable person.

  • S- Supporting:

A person who is supporting the activity is a supporting person.

  • C-Consulted:

A key stakeholder who is either working on activity or having decision authority is a consultant.

  • I-Informed:

A person who needs to know about an action or a decision.

  • Example:

The following template of RASCI Matrix in a Project will help to give more clarification on the same:

Project Manager Business Analyst Project Sponsor/ Business Owner SME (Subject Matter Expert)
Project Methodologies R S A S
Requirement Analysis A R I
Requirement Gathering I I R/A
Document Sign Off S R A
Change Management A/C R C


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