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Communication Model

Since recent decades communication has been the essential part of human life. Now a days it has become very easy for anyone to communicate a message when compared to those older days. In the recent times we have found many ways to communicate with each other. As said by many scholars, communication is a complex thing, and no one knows how the communication starts and where it ends.

Models of communication simplifies the process by providing visual representation of various aspects of communication. Some models explain the concept very clearly where as some even don’t make any clear sense of communication. The three models of communication are the transmission, interaction and transaction.

Although the models of communication differ with each other but they contain the same elements. In communication model the participants are the senders or receivers of messages in a communication encounter. The messages might be of verbal form or nonverbal form depending of the sender and receiver. The process which allows to send, receive and understand the message is called as coding and decoding. We have another process where it turns thoughts into communication, it is called encoding. On the other hand, decoding is the process which turns communication into thoughts. While communication can be sent and received any sensory route. Most communication occur through sight and sound channel.

As explained above, we can classify the communication into 3 models:

  1. Linear Model of Communication
  2. Interactive Model of Communication
  3. Transaction model of communication

Linear Model of Communication:

This model of communication describes communication as one-way process, in which the sender intentionally transmits the message to the receiver. In this model the receiver is only considered as a target and the sender is not sure that the receiver has successfully received or doesn’t. The telegraph and radio are considered as the best source of linear model of communication.

Interactive Model of Communication:

This model of communication is a two-way process where the sender sends the message and the receiver receives the message and the receiver also sends the feedback. Here the positions of both the sender and receiver changes regarding their response. This model incorporates feedback and is also considered as more interactive which in simply said as two way process. The interactive model is less message oriented and more interaction focused.

Transaction Model of Communication:

This model is quite different when compared with the other two models Liner model and Interactive model. Transaction model is more of a social bonding, relationship, culture and create social communities. Here the sender doesn’t communicate to exchange messages in fact the sender communicate to build relationships, form cultural alliances, engage with others to create communities.

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