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  1. What is BRD
    A Business Requirements Document ( BRD ) is a report that gives a detail information about everything that a new project requires for achieving success. It describes the need of a business with what is expected by the project to proceed. Once the BRD is approved the company or a team can start finding the best approach for the solution. It outlines everything that a project entails and helps stakeholders in gaining clarity on the requirements for the project success. Like wise BRD provides clarity . retains focus about the project needs. BRD has a key elements to include:
  2. Executive summary
    The executive summary defines about the entire document , outlining the need of the project , its requirements and how does it tie up to the overall business goals.
  3. Business Objectivs:
    This describes the high level objectives of the project. What will the project ultimately achieve. What is it for. How does the project goals tie up to the overall busines objective and mission.
  4. Project Scope:
    The project scope draws the boundaries of the project and helps managers to decide what is included in the project and what is not. Having a clear scope helps to keep the team aligned and avoids unacessary wastage of resources.
    4.Stake holders ;
    The further step is to identify stake holders and assign them roles and responsiblities.We can include each persons name , department and their role in making the project success.
    What is SRS
    A Software Specification Document ( SRS ) the name itself tells that it is a complete specification and detailing of the requirements of software which needs for the successful development of a software system. These requirements may be functional or non functional that depends upon the type we need. It is a manual document prepared and provided before kick starting the project. It is prepared primarily for a project , software or any kind of application.
    Differences between BRD and SRS:
    Business Requirements Document:
    1.Focuses on business requirements and Stakeholders
    2.Created and maintained by Business Analyst.
    3.BRD is used by Upper/Middle management teams.
    4.It is used in initiation phase.
    5.Features about why the requirements are being taken.
    Software Requirement Specification:
    1.Focuses on functional and non functional requirements.
    2.It is maintained by BA or a System Analyst.
    3.SRS is used by the project managers, technical leads and subject experts.
    4.It is used in the planning phase.
    5.Features about what requirements are being taken.

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