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Change Request

We must understand that the change request, is always a requirement which changes over a period of a time.  Many a times requirements change, they have to be managed throughout the project. BA’s must and should be prepared for change request and management throughout the Project life cycle. Whenever a change request is a raised from the client, BA analyzes the Change Request.

For every change request, BA performs feasibility study, Impact analysis, Effort estimation. Once they are done, change management also need to be done.  This impacts the project scope, since the requirement wasn’t scoped as a part of BRD, and manage under a proper change control technique in co-ordination with Project Manager.

Whenever a change request arises,

  • BA documents the change request.
  • BA will come up with a conclusion whether it is a change request or defect.
  • PM provides approval if BA needs to move further.
  • BA must ensure change is complex or a minor.
  • If change is complex, it will increase project delivery time.


BA must convey the urgency among the stakeholders, by stating examples. Successful change management, requires organization to handle the challenge of bringing stakeholders to an agreement that the changes must avoid conflicts, which might cause delay in project completion.



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