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Change request is a proposal from client for a change in pre agreed requirements. Usually change request is for to alter system or product and business analyst is the person who is responsible to handle change requests in project. During the project anytime client can come up with required change proposal.


There are two types of change requests are there, they are explained as follows:

  • Inside the scope of project.
  • Outside the scope of project.

Inside scope is for small alterations to an existing requirement and very less impact on project budget and time. Outside scope involves huge impact on project budget and time taking compared to inside scope of a project.

Steps to manage the change request:

There are few steps to manage the change request in a project. They are briefly explained as follows:

Understand the scope of change:

Business analyst is a person used to get updates of change requests kind of things from stakeholders, because business analyst is the one who involved in client interactions. Once the change request comes from the client, BA will understand the scope of change and then starts doing “impact analysis”.

Determines whether the change is inside/outside the scope:

Once done with understanding the scope of change request then project team will start determining the change request is inside the scope or outside the scope based on the impact analysis. Here budget and time factors will consider for determining.

Approve or reject the change request:

Based on the impact analysis, change request form will sent to the different levels in the organisation for approvals. Whether the change request is approved or rejected but the same will be communicated to the project team.

Communicate and implement the approved change request:

Approved change request will be communicated to the project team for start implementing. Document owner in the project team will captures every change request in the formal documents by keeping document version numbers.


So this is about the change request and how it will be managed in the project management. This change request concept will be frequently observed in the “agile project methodology”.

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