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Change Request

Change Request
In our constantly changing business world, it is impossible for anyone to really know exactly what they will need to achieve their objectives at the start of a project .The dynamic nature of businesses, the operational landscape and stakeholders’ expectations can give rise to change requests, which need to be managed (approved, implemented and communicated) to prevent problems down the line.
During a software application or system development project, a change request is always anticipated , though technical teams should resist change requests , it is important to stay open to new opportunities that could bring more value to the project and the organization . It is always good to handle change request by managing it rather than avoiding it as it is submitted due to some legitimate reasons from client.
A change request is a proposal to alter a product or system, often brought up by the client during a software development project and this can happen when a client wants to change or alter the agreed upon deliverables.

Change Requests Management : Role of BA
1. Understand the reason for the change : is it really a change (Bug) or Defect discovered from previous software application system.
2. Evaluate the impact of the change : Find out whether the change is a minor one ( has a minor or no impact) or complex change ( Substantial impact)
3. Calculate the effort required to implement the change : in case of complex change ,use of resource & technology has to calculated in terms of Time and Budget.
4. Follows the predetermined approval process : Prior approval and coordination & communication with Change Manager / Project Manager and Client is a must for acceptance and solution.
5. Implementation of Approved Change Requests : Communicate and notify the Technical team for a desired solution.
6. Document the decision for a later reference : All requests and approvals must be recorded and documented properly.

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