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Change Management

hange management is the process of implementing the changes in the business process in an organization. Change may be in terms of process flow, Systems, procedure. Due to compliance, regulatory changes, market competition, updating to new technologies. Standardization of current work flow etc.

This requires potential changes in the current business. Which may affect individuals in the organization or may require additional cost to do those changes. Change might bring a standardized process approach, additional profits to the business, able to compete with the other competitors in the market.

Change management fills several gaps in the business.

Below are the few reasons for change management.

  • ·         Gap in the requirements gathering stage.
  • ·         Additional requirement to the current business needs.
  • ·         Updating the systems as per the market.
  • ·         Identifying the issues in the current system or business workflow.
  • ·         Issue Fixes or updating the systems.
  • ·         Improper UAT by respective UAT teams.

Change Management in the Application/System-

In change management BA receives the request from the Stakeholder. It may be a business stakeholder, SME, Application user etc. when they need any changes on the systems or if they identify a bug or issue on the application. Application is not acting as it is supposed to be. Then BA analyses the requirement and performs UAT if required and documents the issue with reference id’s. logs the issue in the HP-ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)tracker with the tracking ID and sends the detailed document with user story to Development team for  addressing the issue. Once development team fixes the issues same will be communicated to B.A. Once B.A receives an update, he performs the UAT again and confirms to the Development team if issue is fixed or needs additional involvement. Same will be updated in ALM. If Issue is fixed then B.A let the User or SME know that the change request is finished and close the ticket.

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