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Business process modelling

Business Process Modeling It is a visual way to represent how an organization performs work and services needed. Effective process modeling allows us capturing various levels of details through the benefits of picture and how the different parts of the organization interact with one another.The reason we create process model …

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Gap analysis

GAP ANALYSIS By analyzing the gap between present and the future state we are able to plan and select which projects and other activities are needed to get there.   For analyzing the gap Good documentation rarely exist at the current state. So make sure the future state you design …

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Change Request

Change Request is a new requirement that comes from a Stakeholder & was not specified initially when the requirements were finalized in an ongoing project. A Change Request is an unavoidable situation that is likely to arise in almost all projects. It can come from an internal Stakeholder or external …

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Fishbone Diagram

WHAT IS FISHBONE DIAGRAM? Fishbone Diagram, also known as Ishikawa Diagram or Cause & Effect Diagram, is a diagrammatic illustration of ‘a problem(effect) & its possible causes’. It is one of the quality tools used to identify & address a problem in the business areas. WHY IS IT CALLED ‘FISHBONE …

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BASIC AND ALTERNATE FLOWS IN USE CASE SPECIFICATION A USE CASE represents Business Goal. USE CASE is a Textual description that captures User and System interaction. USE CASE illustrates the activities that are performed by users of the system, hence, it is a scenario-based technique in the UML. As a …

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GAP Analysis

GAP Analysis GAP Analysis is nothing but comparing Actual Performance with Potential Performance. A GAP Analysis can help an Organization to understand where they want to be, the Gap between where they are now and where they want to be and hence, what steps to be taken to close the …

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  Once the project is kicked-off  Business Analyst do the requirement planning. And then conducts various gathering session like Brainstorming Document Analysis Reverse Engineering Interviews Workshops Focus Groups Observations Questionnaires And then sort the requirements like avoiding the duplicates and grouping the similar functionalities together and also sorting the modules …

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