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Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis An unexpected outcome / repeating incident which is caused by an error which leads to a the outcome / repeating incident through chain based events. RCA helps in finding the error or the origin of faults which caused the unexpected outcome. In other words, RCA helps in …

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Risk Analysis and Risk Management

Risk Analysis and Management   All projects have some elements of uncertainty about them, and that is where Project Risks comes in the picture. There can be Individual Risks within each process or risk at a step of a project. There can also be few instances or points which accumulate …

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT   ANALYSIS:   SWOT is a phrase and can be depicted as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats. Basically it is a structure planning method that figures out those four elements of any organization, project or business venture or we can apply this methodology to personal level as well. It is …

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Role of BA in handling Change Request

When a BA is working on any Project he has to be ready to expect for a change. The client may raise a Change Request at any stage of the project, it may be at the very initial stage or it may be at the final stage. When a client …

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Business Process Modeling

Business process is a collection of structured activities or task to produce a specific out. For example – product or service. The term BPM is the noun form of business process modeling and refers to a structural representation, description of diagram, which defines a structural representation, description or diagram, which …

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Analytical thinking and problem solving

Analytical thinking and problem solving are fundamental skills which help any individual perform in an effective manner in an organization .As a Business analyst when a client needs a solution for an existing problem in their business a Business analyst should have the ability to think critically, analyze the problem, …

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How Scrum is different from Waterfall Methodology ?

Scrum and Waterfall are the two different models used for software development. New startup companies are trending towards agile methodologies whereas, the old software firm which were using other software development methodologies are shifting towards agile to co-op with the world needs. Scrum is part of agile methodologies which is …

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Domain Knowledge

Domain Knowledge : If a person is working on any project then he/she should have extensive knowledge about the project and the client’s domain he is working on such that he gets exposed to what needs to be done and its repercussions, by which the project will be handled correctly. …

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