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Requirement Traceability Matrix

Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) is a document that maps and traces user needed thing with test cases. It takes by force/takes control of all needed things proposed by the client and needed thing traceability in a single document, delivered at the end of/final opinion of the Software development life cycle. The …

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RCA_Financial Institution.

  This is the first in a series of blogs in which I will share some of my thoughts about good complaint RCA practices observed in the course of our work across a wide range of firms. The problem of relying on complaint categorisation when performing RCA There are many …

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Although there are those who truly care of our environment, we can never deny that the continued advancement of technology has converted the new generation in focusing more on technological advancement instead of caring for our Mother Earth. To recover from this scenario, decided to go green and running their …

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Prototyping And Wireframing

Prototyping is nothing but an early sample, model representation of a project before starting a project. A prototype is generally used to evaluate a new design to enhance by system analysts and users. Prototypes serve to provide a real working system rather than a theoretical one. Prototyping is the step …

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Security Testing

The security system is a type of testing which ensures that the data and resources of any system are protected by uncovering from possible threats and risks which may cause loss to the software. The goal of security testing is to identify the threats or any mistakes that may cause …

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Dos and Don’ts as BA

Dos and don’ts  as BA:       Never say no  to client       There is no word called “BY DEFAULT” Never imagine anything in term of GUI Question the existence of existence/Question everything in the world Ex: what the client gives is not always correct Consult an …

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Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis: It is the process used to analyze the gap b/w the present state and desired state in any project or in the organization. It helps in decision making, Strategy planning, and improve the productivity of the resources. In other words, we can say that It is a formal …

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GAP Analysis

GAP Analysis GAP analysis is a procedure where we look at the present status of the system and we look to the target or goal where we want to reach. We note down the steps taken how to reach from present status to the target. Thus, bridging the gap between …

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