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Stakeholder Management Strategy

Why Stakeholder Management Strategy? In order to effectively manage stakeholders, one should acquire the skill of stakeholder management strategy. The stakeholder management strategy identifies the different stakeholder and approach that to be followed to gain increase in support and negative impact of stakeholders and approach that to be followed to …

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Work flow analysis helps to analyze the flow of information that is used to complete a process that may involve multiple people, technologies and tasks. Work flow analysis can be done by identifying sequence of actions performed by the system to accomplish a task by considering set of controls, conditions …

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First of all, let us understand what exactly a requirement is… What is requirement? Need of a client constitutes in development of a software or a product. This need is referred as a requirement. These requirements are collected, organized, structured and documented in various types by a BA. One can …

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Before we understand the role of a BA in scrum model, let’s first dig deep in understanding the scrum model more. What is Scrum? In today’s world, we have guidelines, policies, rules, procedures etc. to be followed in any sector/area that we work. Similarly, when it comes to IT industry, …

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Stake Holder Management Strategy

  Stakeholder is one the project team and Management team is answerable. They are an individual body where an individual  (or) companies make deals and the agreements with financial benefits. Stakeholder is effective factor (or) person in a business and also creates an impact while formulating all the policies by …

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  Fish bone diagram is part of Root-cause Analysis’ It helps to find the root cause of the problem and the recommend a check list to take actions appropriately. It helps to identify all the causes required for a process. All the effects with eventually gives the results and all …

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Categorization of Requirements

The requirement categorization is of pivot importance because it gives a shape to requirements gathered . It can be stated that, requirement categorization is a anchor that steers the ship of requirements . If the requirements are categorized it would be easy for assigning the predefined responsibilities to the respective …

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Workflow Analysis

WorkFlow Analysis Workflow analysis is a process which an organization could use for understanding the existing workflows and process for achieving the desired results ( efficiency and efficacy , profitability etc), with optimum utilization of  the resources . The workflow analysis could be done for entire organization as a whole …

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Market Research

What is Market Research? Meaning: Market Research is an organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy. It provides relevant data to help solve marketing challenges that a business will most likely face an integral part of the business planning process.  Market research …

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