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  Once the project is kicked-off  Business Analyst do the requirement planning. And then conducts various gathering session like Brainstorming Document Analysis Reverse Engineering Interviews Workshops Focus Groups Observations Questionnaires And then sort the requirements like avoiding the duplicates and grouping the similar functionalities together and also sorting the modules …

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Solution Assessment and Validation

Solution Assessment and Validation is a method to ensure whether the generated solution matches the stakeholder requirements. Business analyst elicits requirements and collects requirements from Rational Traceability Matrix and from various Requirement Specifications Documents to complete the solution. Solution Assessment: It is the process of analysing whether the proposed solutions …

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Prototyping and Wireframing

Prototyping and wireframing are the terms used to elicit the requirements given by the client through drawing tools. Wireframes are the backbones of the project and the prototypes are the end projects representation. Prototyping :  Prototyping is a middle to high fidelity representation model used to evaluate a product without …

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DEFINATION: Root Cause analysis is a technique to identify the root cause of risk, defect so that solutions can be devised to reduce or eliminate them. ELEMENTS: 1. The Fishbone Diagram A fishbone diagram (also known as an Ishikawa or cause-and-effect diagram) is used to identify and organize the possible …

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  #1 – Must have excellent presentation skills  A BA has to facilitate workshops, or give presentation to stakeholders or project team. Thus, BA must have excellent presentation skills. #2 – Must be excellent at time management   A BA must have excellent time management skills to ensure that the project …

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Business Requirement Elicitation Techniques:

Business Requirement Elicitation Techniques: Brainstorming: Done properly (without censoring ideas as you go) and with the right audience (representatives of each group, SMEs, stakeholders), brainstorming has the most potential to prevent gotchas down the road, capturing needs you didn’t know about, processes no one mentioned, and things you hadn’t thought of. …

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Challenges for Business Analysts

Challenging areas for a BA 1. Faulty Requirements Collection: All the stakeholders will be from different teams and areas and will have specific needs and different interests within the business. There will be conflicting requirements and different outcomes that they desire. A business analyst needs to bring them on common …

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Stakeholders Analysis

Process of Stakeholders Analysis: I. Identify your stakeholders: Who are the Stakeholders : A “Stakeholder” is any Person or Group of Persons who provide knowledge and expertise necessary to quantify technical and business constraints. Project Stakeholders: Business Analyst: Project Manager Development Team:  Sr. Software Engineer , Software Engineer, Project Engineer …

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GAP Analysis

Gap analysis is a simple tool to help you identify the gap between the current and the future state that you want to reach ,along with the tasks that you need to complete to close the gap. Gap analysis is useful in the beginning of the process while developing a …

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