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Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis is defined as the difference between the current state and the future state It defines: Where are we? Where do we want to be? GAP Analysis is a simple method where we compare the present status of something and the desired status and then we determine the steps …

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Security Testing

Security testing is a type of software testing which ensures that the system or application is secured from threats, unauthorized users, and vulnerabilities. It helps in detecting all possible security risks in the system and help the development team in fixing these problems through coding. Security Testing is used to …

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Do’s And Don’t of A Business Analyst   A Business Analyst is a person who act as a liaison between Client and the technical team. He should kept in mind some things , like Never say No to client , when we gather requirements from the client , then we …

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Root Cause Analysis   It is a systematic or structured way of identifying “root cause of the problems or events” and provide a efficient solution. It included various techniques , methodologies etc.…., It works on common problems so that main problems can be identified. RCA  Shows there process , when …

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ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS A problem is a matter or a situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and it needs to be dealt to overcome. Root cause analysis is a method of detection of the problem and solving it to the maximum extent possible. Getting into the roots of the problem …

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THE VALUE OF BUSINESS ANALYST ROLE   A BA is a valuable tool for any business. They are there to help companies make viable changes to improve their organisation and achieve their goals. While some companies still believe that BA’s are an added cost, they actually do the opposite and …

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Wireframing and prototyping

Wireframing: A wireframe is also known as blue print, it’s a visual representation of elements on a website or application. They are static and do not include any interactions or animations. They are simple, minimal but they are not clickable. What exactly is a wireframing? It’s a two-dimensional drawing of …

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Business Analyst

Do’s and Don’ts of BA   Delete the word no from your memory. you can never say no the client. Client cannot be right always but that doesn’t mean you need to argue with the client, for that consult your SME or Project Manager. You should always include your Project …

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