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Analytical thinking and problem solving

Analytical thinking and problem solving are fundamental skills which help any individual perform in an effective manner in an organization .As a Business analyst when a client needs a solution for an existing problem in their business a Business analyst should have the ability to think critically, analyze the problem, …

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How Scrum is different from Waterfall Methodology ?

Scrum and Waterfall are the two different models used for software development. New startup companies are trending towards agile methodologies whereas, the old software firm which were using other software development methodologies are shifting towards agile to co-op with the world needs. Scrum is part of agile methodologies which is …

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Domain Knowledge

Domain Knowledge : If a person is working on any project then he/she should have extensive knowledge about the project and the client’s domain he is working on such that he gets exposed to what needs to be done and its repercussions, by which the project will be handled correctly. …

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“An Important Technique for Iterative Development”

Joint Application Development JAD is an Important Technique for Iterative Development. An important aspect of the iterative development approach is the Joint Application Development (JAD) process. JAD is used as a technique for developing business system requirements. The purpose of JAD is to bring together IT and the business community …

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“Where are we? Where do we want to be?”

GAP Analysis Gap analysis is the technique used to define the difference between the current state and the proposed state of any business and its functionalities. This technique comes under Enterprise Analysis, knowledge area of business analysts. The technique revolves around two basic questions: Where are we? Where do we want …

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Investigation techniques used by BA.

Today’s dynamic information Technology BA played very vital and important role. BA has to deal with customers most of the time for gathering business requirements. BA using various investigating techniques to probe client to get required business requirements. Let’s outline these techniques. 1: – SWOT Analysis. Most used technique ; …

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Lead qualities in a Business Analyst Role

BA is one of the most important and challenging role in determining the progress of an IT requirement. He is accountable for Requirements Gathering, Elicitation and UAT. To achieve the best results BA should possess few common Leadership qualities: A positive attitude: BAs are involved at various stages of SDLC; …

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