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Where do we find requirements?

  Where do we find requirements?……. Well to know where we find the requirements…! Firstly we need to know what is a Requirement? A requirement is nothing but a need of a client, It serves as a foundation of systems or system components. In other words we can say that …

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Activity Diagram

Here, we are going to discuss about Activity diagram used by business analysts. An Activity Diagram are one of the diagram the UML for Modelling in the Dynamic Aspects the system. An Activity Diagram is Drawn to model how the system should function in order to achieve Business Logic, Business …

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Stakeholder Analysis

A stakeholder is any person or a group of persons or an organisation that is directly or indirectly effected or impacted by proposed IT solution. These stakeholders usually be grouped into the following categories:- 1.Project Stakeholders:- People inside your organisation who provide  knowledge and expertise necessary to quantify technical and …

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Project Change Management

Purpose: The purpose of this blog to provide the overview on the Project Change Management process. Objectives: To improve the business value of the Organization, anytime CR will be identified by anyone and managed by the Project team. The primary objectives of change management are> Log the Change request details …

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Project vs Program vs Portfolio

  Project vs Program vs Portfolio Project: Project is a unique process consisting of a definite start date and end date well defined objectives, when achieved, indicate its completion.  In simple words, project is the process of making an effort to create unique product, service or result.  Project is crated …

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Business Analysis

Business Analysis Business analysis is the practice of identifying the Business needs and finding solutions to various Business problems, which add value to the Business and its stake holders.  In a simple words, Business analysis the process of understanding the needs of the business and looking for solutions to it. …

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Why to become Business Analyst

WHY TO BECOME BUSINESS ANALYST? When I first started my degree in Mechanical Engineering I was really excited to learn everything on how to build things and solve complex problems. I knew I had a passion for finding solutions and understanding how things work, which made me believe that Mechanical engineering would be perfect …

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Enterprise Analysis

Objective: The main motto of Enterprise Analysis is to identify the problems which are effecting to the business accordingly we have to define the needs which are used to perform the capabilities and decisions of enterprise and provide a solution scope to the business by creating the risk analysis by …

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Change Request

Change Request   Overview: Change request is a proposal from client for a change in pre agreed requirements. Usually change request is for to alter system or product and business analyst is the person who is responsible to handle change requests in project. During the project anytime client can come …

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