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Role of Business Analyst in scrum

Scrum Scrum is a structure that helps team work together. Scrum is an agile development methodology used in the development of software based on an iterative and incremental process. Agile is a software development methodology to build a software incrementally using short term duration 1 to 4 weeks or 3 …

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Root Cause Analysis

 Root cause analysis is a systematic processor identifying root cause of problems or events and an approach for responding to them.  RCA is generic sense There is an implication than an methodology is used in the analysis.  In which one process can confirm the results of another. …

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Backup and Recovery Testing

A Recovery Testing does not form part of the functional testing practice. It regulates how rapidly the system bounces back after it crashes or is there any kind of hardware failure. It is the procedure of evaluating the efficiency of an establishment’s software and systems of reproducing data for safety …

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Relationships in use case diagram

Use case diagrams are used to integrate the requirements of a system which are mostly design requirements. When a system is assessed to gauge its functionalities, use cases are prepared and thereby the actors are identified. It is imperative to understand that that the Use Case diagrams on their own …

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ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS: ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS (RCA) is defined as the process of identifying what is main reason behind the problem, and what are the steps required or needed to overcome it. This can used by most of the business analysts, to identify and analyze the problems and try to …

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Elicitation Techniques

Requirement elicitation is a method of grouping Information from stakeholders. It is a foundation in documenting the necessities for application development. There is a number of elicitation techniques to assemble needs or to collect the information data from the stakeholders. Some of the elicitation techniques are as follows. Document analysis …

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Pre-Sales Process


A potent sales pipeline relies upon allocating the right sources to the right places at the right time. And a robust pre-sales procedure lets you do just that. The pre-sales process system covers all the activities which come before closing the sale order. The aim of pre-sales aid is to …

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Disparity among Business Analyst and Data Analyst

Business Analyst and Data Analyst both work with data. The difference is what they do it. Business analyst gathers data to make strategic business decision. And Data analyst gather data, manipulate it, identify useful information from it and transform their findings into a new project. Their end goal is analyzing …

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Burn Down Charts

In Agile, requirements are usually expressed as User Stories, listed in a backlog. Prior to starting off a phase, a Scrum team normally estimates the stories that are considered necessary for the next release. This estimate is then compared to the team’s benchmark to have a high-level idea of how …

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