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Categorization of Requirements

The requirement categorization is of pivot importance because it gives a shape to requirements gathered . It can be stated that, requirement categorization is a anchor that steers the ship of requirements . If the requirements are categorized it would be easy for assigning the predefined responsibilities to the respective functionalities. This assignment of responsibilities will help in steering the project to the desired objective.

The requirements can be broadly classified as

Business Requirements

Stakeholder Requirements

Solution requirements- 1) Functional requirements 2) Non Functional requirements

Transition requirements

Business requirement  could be stated as the need of the organization which propels the initiation of the project . this need –goal or objective which the organization as a whole sees itself to achieve . This requirement when clearly defined could drive the project .

Stakeholder Requirements:  is defined as the requirements of the stakeholders(stakeholders –who would drive the solution through interacting with it) . These stakeholder requirements should limit itself to the spectrum of business requirements . They cannot be over and above the business requirements .

Solution requirement is an alignment meeting both the business and stake holders requirements . It is has two categories Functional and Non Functional Requirements

Functional Requirements  is specify the responses of a system

Non Functional requirement is defined as the quality attributes of a system . It is the system behavior and not the solution behavior

Transition requirement are temporary in nature and are not required change is effected. They address the topic of data conversion,training and business continuity.


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