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Can you explain SRS and its key elements?

SRS & its key elements.

A software requirements specification (SRS) is a document that describes what application will do and how it is going to work. It also explains the functionality software must have to satisfy client needs.

Basically, software requirement specification is blueprint for the software that will be build. It describes purpose of the product, what are the client requirement so in short it SRS document give you entire picture of the project you are going to deliver. It gives guideline to each team involved in the project.


SRS document is commonly written by business analyst because he is having direct communication with client so thus, he knows better what the client requirement is not only about the product but also about each feature or function of the product. Once this document is written by BA it will describe what is product requirement also it will guide development team on how to build product, what are the guidelines and steps to be followed.


Below are few general key elements of software requirements specification (SRS) document which should be there in the document.

Key elements:


  • Functional requirements: –

Function requirement defines a function of software or its components. Hence SRS document must have function requirement mention in it so that they will be aware what are the function software must have and can better plan to deliver it.


  • System requirements: –

System requirements talk about the minimum configuration system must have for it to run smoothly and efficiently. So that we can avoid future problems such installation issues or not working properly after installation or not performing the way it is expected to perform.

  • Technical requirements: –

Technical requirements refer to how software is going to developed from technical perspective. It includes system performance, reliability.  So, in general in technical requirement, it will mention about programming language that is supposed to be used, operation system & standard that the development team must follow.

  • Constraint: –

Software requirements specification (SRS) document should include project constraint which can have negative impact on the project quality, delivery time, cost of the project , scope of the project, risk or overall project so that the team is aware about it and we can better plan on how to manage these constraint using effective techniques will help team to increase performance of the project

  • Assumptions: –

Assumptions are events or circumstances that we assume are likely to happen during project development life cycle. In project planning it very important to make assumptions about thing which my occur or circumstances which may come across over the project development life cycle for successful project planning. Because if we assume that these things may happen, so we have better plan how to handle if it happens to be true during project development.

  • Criteria of acceptance

Acceptance criteria is condition or requirement that must be fulfilled by developed software for users or customers to accept the product. Acceptance criteria is different for each user’s story and function of the software. It gives guideline to the development team on how the function or user story must be developed and should be able to perform so that it will be accepted by users or customers.

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