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Can you explain SRS and its key elements?

Solution requirement specifies the characteristics that a solution must meet the needs of the stakeholders and the business. They define in Requirement Analysis. The sub-categories of SRS is as follows:

  • Functional requirements states that what product should do, what are features, functions, etc.
  • Non-functional requirements states that general properties. Also known as quality attributes.


  • Functional requirementshelp users to accomplish their tasks by product features or functions that developers implement. Thus, important to make things clear for technical team. Usually, FRD describe system behavior under certain conditions. For example:
    1. System sends OTP after the user enters his information.
    2. Search option allows user to check various invoices if We want to check an invoice.
    3. System shoots a confirmation OTP through email/mobile when a new user is generated.


  • Nonfunctional requirements, specifies howthe system should perform rather than system functionality. Its describes environment under which system will run. Its is qualitative performance of system. Also knows as Quality or Supplementary requirement.  It includes security, quality, speed, etc of user interface. Some examples are:
  1. The website loads in 3 seconds and total number of continuous users <2500.
  2. System will handle 1 million users without performance deterioration.


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