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Can you explain SRS and its key elements?

SRS is a System Requirement Specifications which explains details features of document or application. The word itself explains its use to provide functionality required by defined customers and its stakeholders,

Also, its gives brief idea on requirements and system/software behavior, key performances on system. Below are the key elements of SRS,

  • Business Model: Business model section explains you about that system will support, it includes organizational context, stages diagram that explains present state and future state,


  • Functional Requirements: This will explain list of requirements and its functions,


  • Constraints: This section will give idea of any design constraints that have been imposed by the customer, thereby removing certain options from being considered by the developers. Also, contain any assumptions that have been made by the requirements engineering. If any false or defect found, then the SRS document would need to be re-evaluated to make sure that the documented requirements are still valid.


  • Technical Requirements: Technical requirements are explained in detail here, what software is going to use, how same will get executed, run of the same etc., plays crucial role in any software which allows easy and on point execution of the requirements. Provides non-functional requirements that gives quality of system.


  • Assumptions: This explains on requirement engineering has been done on requirements communicated by customer and assumptions made if any during gathering and analyzing requirements of customer. if any false assumptions made or found during this, SRS will be re-evaluated and validated using validation techniques.


  • Business Model: This explains business model of customer that system supports, includes organizational structure, key functionalities, business context, and flow diagrams of the same.


  • Acceptance criteria: Acceptance criteria will give details of the criteria defined for accepting the project by customer while his final sign off documentation, this will give an end to testing stage and also provides quality assurances.


This gives standards to follow during run of the project and not to compromise on quality and requirements defined by customer. SRS is the detailed set of elements and documents that explains you all business and technical aspects, provides crucial details like how the project will start, completion of project, stakeholders impact on it, and all functional and non-functional requirements covered in the same.


Each SRS document highlights all factors which are going to impact on project/software, risks involved, all positive and negative impact on the same. Depending on the methodology applied like agile or waterfall description of document varies with requirements, functionalities etc. This documents also to be made compatible with change offered at any stages and should be modifiable, this will help in ranking the requirements and obtain changes.


SRS structure consists of documents or software’s Introduction, overall description, functional and non-functional requirements, system features, etc., to make easy understanding to users flow diagrams, context diagrams can be used to present it in well manner and properly with good visual effect to understand better.


Concluding to this SRS is the document for success of the software or application, if the specifications are properly executed and managed it will help positively in developing software and testing and deployment. Process to prepare the same is helpful and guides in successful execution of project.

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