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Business Requirement Document

Business Requirement Document:

Business Requirement document consists of Business requirements. It mainly concentrates on what is required in the project rather than How to achieve it.


Business Requirement document is used

  • To get in rapport with the stakeholders.
  • To give inputs for next project’s phase.
  • Helps in understanding the Business needs and the customer needs.

Business solution is different from the Technical solution.

I.e. the Business solution focusses on what Business needs to deliver where as the Technical solution helps to achieving the business solution.


Who are the people involved in Business Requirement document?

  • Project team
  • Business partners
  • Owner of the project
  • Subject matter expert
  • Quality people

What are the key elements of BRD?

  • Problem statement: Route cause.
  • Current process of Business: what is the current business .
  • Inscope and outscope: Features to be included and features to be not included.
  • Assumptions: To make decisions of uncertainity.
  • Functional and non-functional requirements
  • Drawbacks and Risks involved
  • Measures of quality
  • Cost

Steps for writing BRD:

Step 1: Collect Requirements

Step 2: Analyze the Requirements

Step 3: Define the scope

Step 4: Find the phases of the project

Step 5: Assesment of project

Step 6: Assesment of Impact

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