Business Process Modelling (BPM) is a modern term and methodology which has evolved through different stages and names, beginning during the division of labour of the late 1700s, when manufacturing first moved into factories from cottage industry.

The business process modelling definition can be described as a set of activities that must be followed to allow the creation of one or more models for representation, communication, analysis, design, synthesis, decision making and control of business. Business process modelling can be expressed through flowcharts, programs, hypertext, or scripts. There isn’t just one way to implement business process modelling; in fact, you can choose from as many as 12 techniques. Business Process Modelling is a method for improving organizational efficiency and quality

Business process modelling aims to understand the inner workings of the organization – from end to end. For this reason, various artifacts are used such as organization charts, positioning diagrams, process flows, among others. They provide the overview of the activities performed by employees on a daily basis, creating a basis for studies, process improvement, cost estimates and correct understanding of businesses processes.

BPM process modelling is considered necessary for its ability to provide an understanding of the company and the mechanisms used for its operation.

In BPM process modeling, information and documents are used by creators, who generate a flow of how the activities are carried out, from inception to achieving the goal of the process. The following items are needed to develop a process modeling design:

  • Method: A sequence of steps for surveying and modeling information.
  • Meta-model: Model the Information.
  • Notation: Symbols and rules to represent the information
  • Tools: Computer support for the documentation of information.

Example of Business Process Modelling of a process with a normal flow with the Business Process Model and Notation

BPMSource: Wikipedia

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