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Business Process Modelling

Business Process Model is a visual modeling technique which gives visual representation of who does what and in what order. It explains how the different parts of the organization interact with each other.

Business process represents processes of an enterprise, so that current process may be analyzed or improved.

Business Process Model represents the AS-IS (Current state), the way things are done today and potentially defines the TO-BE(Future state), the way we wants things to be. Modeling will tell us how the people, processes and the technologies within the organization interact to create overall system and outcomes.

Business process model includes components such as A goal, Input, Message, Resources and Output. In Modelling actors are referred as stakeholders. Stakeholders can be System, person, department or external entity to the organization.

Benefits of Business Process Modelling:

  1. It helps to understand current business process
  2. It helps to identify complex business process
  3. Identify areas which are not well understood
  4. Helps to understand how an organization is running, performs activities and relates to the outside world

Helps to understand how people, processes and technologies are working currently and how we can improve and improve ROI.

Below are few techniques to avoid mistake in business process modelling:

  1. Proper Questionnaire
  2. Set up a clear goal /mission for each model
  3. Undefined process modeling approach
  4. Insufficient model validation
  5. Weak process and activity definition
  6. Insufficient key stakeholder participation

Below are few widely used Business process modelling tools:

  1. Use case diagram
  2. Functional flow diagram
  3. Context diagram
  4. Cross functional flow diagram

These BPM tools helps BA to model the requirements. The modeling approaches should be a foundation for other models, it should capture current state( AS-IS), should be easily readable, should capture processes.

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