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Business Process Model

Business Process Model is a pictorial representation of an organization’s business processes or work flows moreover it is also known as the graphical representation of company’s business process or workflows. BPM is a very important concept for any organization. It should be managed in a well-managed way as it is a means of identifying potential improvements.

Graphical representation can be done with the using of different tools. Some of the tools that is widely used in the companies. They are:

  • UML Diagram
  • Flow Charts
  • Gantt Charts
  • PERT Diagram
  • Block Charts, etc

These are also known as Business Process Modelling Techniques. These techniques allow organization to capture all the steps in a format that allows organization to visualize just how workflows function. It is the most efficiency technique used in the company.

According to Gartner “BPM links business strategy to IT systems development to ensure business value”.

Company represent the client requirements in a graphical way using BPM tools such as UML, chart, etc to understand business workflows in a better way. Many organization use as business process management discipline, which focuses on improving performance by managing processes. It is also used to discover, model, analyze, optimize, and automate business processes for better returns. It is expressed by simple diagrams to understand in a better way and then developer team develops the system or an API for the clients.

Benefits of usage of Business Process Model in the organization provides streamline of business processes. Some of the benefits in the project are:

  • Easily identify the redundant tasks and can eliminate it.
  • Improve process efficiency and bottlenecks can be identified.
  • Avoid unnecessary complexity in the project.

One of the example of business processes models is Online Shopping that includes receiving orders, invoicing, shipping products, setting a budget, etc.

It occurs at all the levels of an organization’s activities. It can be used in every part of the business processes i.e. Product Development, Lead Generation, Financial Analysis, Reporting, Customer Acquisition, and Quality Process Improvement. BPM can be analyzed by:

  • To identify which process need improvement.
  • Establish the team
  • Create a diagram, AS-IS Process and TO-Be process.

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