A Business Process Model is a diagrammatic illustration describing series of activities. It represents various actions and their respective connective link occurring throughout the process sequence. Business process model (BPM) deals with:

  1. Goal of an organisation.

Goal has various aspects for example profit, quality, and support and market growth.

  1. Input for the process.
  2. User Resources.
  3. Final output.
  4. Set of activities are accomplished in certain sequence
  5. Creates value to End customers.

The customer can internal or external to an organisation. The main area of focus is on providing good customer service and minimising stress and time.



  1. The main aim of the ATM of a bank is to provide support to their customer, so that they can withdraw cash or deposit anytime in a day and anywhere.
  2. The various inputs for an ATM would be ATM machine, user details, electricity, pin for debit card.
  3. The user resource for a functioning an ATM would be debit card.
  4. The final output for an ATM would be successfully retrieving cash from the account, generating statements and successfully depositing in their account.
  5. Set of activities are executed in certain sequence.
  6. Inserting debit card in the ATM machine.
  7. Enter debit card and pin
  • ATM machine will validate the user.
  1. User can enter the desired amount he/she wants to withdraw from the ATM
  2. User receives the cash
  3. Creates Value to users

ATM service is available anytime in a day.

Users can withdraw, deposit or generate statement from any ATM nearby.


Various Methods to Model Business Process


  1. Flow Chart Method
  2. Gantt Chart
  3. Data Flow chart
  4. UML Activity Diagram
  5. Visualisation
  6. Business model processing Notation (BPMN)
  7. Simulation
  8. Work Flow method
  9. Storytelling
  10. Object Oriented Technique
  11. Role activity diagram
  12. Role interaction Diagram
  13. Integrated Definition for function modelling
  14. Transformational Process model
  15. Hierarchal Process model




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