How to write a business case? So we have seven elements of writing a business case that you’re going to run through. So the first section of the business case is really are some background information you might call it a product definition statement where you explain enough information to inform the reader, as to why you’re bringing this topic up.

Then you move into the second phase where you want to describe a bit more of the future stage or desired outcome like what are the specific objectives that you’re looking for and in order to if you’re looking to accomplish. So we know what’s the root value opportunity that we’re planning for or trying to get to.

The third section of our business case now talks about the current situation. The importance of this one is to highlight the gap between where we are right now versus where we want to be.

The fourth section of your business case is your recommended solution so you’ve highlighted the gap between the current state and where you want to be. Now you need to come up with some idea as to how you’re going to close that gap so that’s what the four sections are about where you had to now share your ideas to what you think you’re going to go do in order to help close that gap.

The fifth section of the business case is about what are the success criteria what are the measures that you’re going to use to help understand whether,  in fact, your initiative your intervention is successful or not. So here you might include things like return on investment but there are many other measures that you’re trying to impact as well so if you are successful that interface intervention what happens, what metrics moves, what do you expect to see and figure out how we’re going to measure.

The the sixth step is support required so this is where you want to be very clear about what you are going to need in order to be successful that includes conclude dollars it could recruit, include the time or efforts you might require from other departments or resources you might need from other departments, you might need specific tools in order to be successful, whatever you think you might need in order to be to make this thing go and be clear about what those are upfront now .

Then eventually the last step is to make a quick timeline which tells about what are some of those key milestones along the way so you might have(between five and ten bullets )that would help people understand some of the timelines and what it is and how long it might take in order to get some of those things done all right.

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