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Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the task of understanding business needs, assessing the business impact of those needs, capturing, analyzing and documenting requirements, supporting the communication and delivery of requirements with the stakeholders.
The essence of Business Analysis is finding out ways to get what’s in a stakeholder head out and on a whiteboard where it can be modeled in such a way that everyone can understand and used to establish a shared understanding among the shareholders. Focusing on the essence of Business Analysis leads to new opportunities and put the team in a position to be successful.
Steps to be an effective Business Analyst:
1.Get oriented – To ensure you are not only moving fast but also to be an effective contributor in the project.
2.Discover business objective – Getting agreement on business needs early is a quickest path to the successful project.
3.Define Scope – Scope makes the business needs tangible so that all the team members can envision the contribution.
4.Formulate your business analysis plan
5.Define the detailed requirements
6.Support the technical implementation
7.Help to implement the solution – If your business users don’t use it as intended, your project won’t have delivered on the original objective.
8.Access the value created by the solution – To create a positive momentum within the organization by keeping track of successful projects.
The Business Analysis success is
•Seeing a solution you had a part in delivering a solved problems with a positive impact
•Appreciation for the contribution and recognition from the peers.
•Trusted adviser relationship with the business and delivery stakeholders.
•Being personally requested for upcoming projects.
•Opportunities for growth and satisfaction in very initiatives.
•A career path with new challenges and responsibility.

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