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Business Analysis Planning

Business Analysis Planning

Business Plan:

A business plan is a proper statement of business goals, which they need to attainable, and plans for reaching them. It may also contain back   ground information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals.

Business Analysis Planning:

Business analysis planning will be done by Business Analysts. They will plan how they will handle requirements, Change requests, documents, tools and communicate the details with all other stakeholders.

Planning of Business Planning Analysis Activities:

During the business planning the different outcomes of the business analysts are found and efforts required against those outcomes are designed. The planning of BPA activities are done because of explains the scope of business analyst’s work and it helps the BA s in identifying the duration of the activities.

The Business Analyst is responsible for creating the plan but is expecting some input from key project team members like the Project Manager, SMEs and the technical team to define how work will be done. The scope of work is that needs to be completed and have clarity on all the tasks and associated outcomes for every task.

The methodology applied on the project has a strong influence on the activities that will be performed and the sequence of those activities. For example, using a Plan based approach indicates that analysis will need to be completed before development stage begins. Using a change based approach on the other hand, implies that requirements elicitation and analysis will be iterative and those requirements will be developed and clarified as the project progresses.

Stakeholders are treated as part of the team that create and validate outcomes produced by the Business Analyst. Business Analysts need these stakeholders to be available during the time of project development. We need to consider them in our plan by outlining the roles and responsibilities of each of the stakeholders.

The BA plan contains a list of activities to be performed as well as the time estimates for each task. This tells about,  our Business Analysis Work Plan makes a difference between the actual time needed to complete a task and the duration needed to complete the task.


The requirements will be managed

As part of developing a detailed plan, the Business Analyst plan should include the approach for managing requirements. It tells about how the requirements are identified and how to prioritize them and how the requirements be approved during the time of project.

Outcomes produced during the Project:

                The result of the Business Analysis work is a set of deliverables that result in customers’ needs are satisfied. These outcomes must be clearly defined in the BA plan to guide stakeholders on their expectations. Business Analysis outcomes include Requirements Specification Documents, Business Case, Process Models, and Data Models etc.

The communication can be handled by the Business Analyst as the Business Analysis Plan tells about  how the BA intends to receive, access and distribute information. It means the communication plays major role in the Business Analysis Plan.

The right information to the right person in the right time will delivers the right output in an efficient way.

Consider the 5 Ws & H of communication





When & How of communication

The Business Analysis work can be measured by identifying in different ways. But the most commonly used method can be done by identifying how quickly work was completed.


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