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Business Analysis Communication

Communication skills are necessary to maintain a successful BA career. It starts with eliciting requirements, liaising with stake holders and validating the final solution. In today’s world communication does not always happen face to face. And an analyst has multiple avenues of communication that affects work like intranet, surveys, in hall communications, focus groups, web meetings etc.

There are 7 principles of effective communication:

Communicate the right way: It may be written or verbal. The approach should on volume of the message.

Understanding the different learning styles: Communication should be adapted to suit different learning styles of stakeholder. The 3 categories of BABOK are learners as visual, auditory and implementing.

Be clear on the objectives of communication: Be clear on the objectives of communication and we should state clearly what we expecting from the recipient.

Follow up: The communication may not be successful if the recipient does not get our message clearly. So it’s wise to give a quick follow up on our mails when necessary.

Keep it simple and short: It’s always better to use simple words instead of jargons to ensure people understand in better way.

Engage but listen: Communication is not one way street where one person reels out their opinion. Effective communication involves speaking as well as listening to others.

Provide the right level of detail: The right level of detail is represented by enough information that is required to achieve the objective of communication.

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