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Burndown chart

A burndown chart is a graphical way of showing a work remaining to reach a given goal on the vertical axis, and time on the horizontal axis.It helps the team to track the progress of project status on daily basis Each point on the chart shows how much work is left to do at the end of that day or week, or month. Everyday reviewing of progress charts such as burndown charts or burn up charts for the project can immediately find out the problems and allow us to control them as early as possible. Clients can get a clear understanding about their project current status.The ideal line represents the ideal position to be in at the end of each day. If the actual line is above the ideal line the project is behind the scheduled date or time of project completion. If the actual line is below the ideal line the project is ahead of the scheduled date or time of project completion.The amount of work left in a burndown chart is found out by the number of tasks or activities left to be completed. Burndown chart is tool that gives visual information referred by the project managers. This chart follows the agile and scrum project management approach,where understanding and tracking the progress of a development of any project is needed at every phase.These charts are been used in presentations to clients and stakeholders. Someimes these charts motivate the team members of a project to complete the project on time. Burn down charts are very easy to create manually using pen and paper, or they can be created by entering the data into excel,or by using software tools such as Intelligent Reports.Thus Burndown charts are referred nowadays by the project managers and other stackholders such as clients,to identify the status of project and how much work is remaining to be completed and how much work is been done so far.

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