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BRD- Business Requirement Document

A Business requirement refers to the specific needs that must be fulfilled so as to achieve an organizational objective. These need define the business objectives, vision, mission or goal of the business entity. These are high level requirement which provides an answer to the business needs that are required to be addressed to make sure the fulfillment of the business objectives. BRD serves as the base reference for the entire project.

BRD provides brief description of various stakeholders, their categorization for the roles they play in project development. It also gives the idea of the ultimate business objectives, their business rules and business goal. Understanding the current business operations and identifying the business issues with the current process.

Accordingly defining the project objectives and providing IT solutions for the business issues in order to achieve business objectives. Modeling those requirements for the better understanding of technical team and business users. Considering all the business, political and technological risks and accordingly prioritizing the requirements.


FRS- Functional Required Specification

FRS defines the functional specifications of the desired application. It describes the functional capabilities or behavior that a system is required to perform. It includes the description of data, operations, work-flow that a system is required to perform. It also defines the users who can access the data in the system.

It includes project scope, objectives and functional requirements in detail. Apart from this FRS also defines the methodology being used for the project, interface and hardware/ software requirements.

It is a low level requirement document where in the business and technical requirement of a system is explained in detail. It is generally prepared under the supervision of a subject matter expert. Functional specification may also be derived from BRD as well.


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