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  • The difference between BRD and FRD is that a BRD tells the whole requirement (story) whereas the FRD tells the sequence of operations to be performed by a single process.
  • BRD is a high-level documentation and FRD is a Low-level documentation.


These are higher-level statements of the goals, objectives of the enterprise. They describe the reasons why a project has been initiated, the objectives that the project will achieve, and the metrics that will be used to measure its success. It describes needs of the organization, and not group of stakeholders within it. They are developed and defined through enterprise analysis.

  • The requirements are collected either by interacting with the client or written or can be both.
  • As Business analyst interacts with the client, they would be preparing the document.
  • Project manager will be supervising the whole project.
  • The document is usually prepared after having an interaction with the clients and by understanding their requirements.


  • Provide an overview of the business needs and why the project must be initiated
  • To provide a solution that meets the needs of the clients.
  • It should focus more on business requirements of the client.


BRD is prepared during the initial phase of the project and prepared by the business analysts and created after having a conversation with the client and understanding their requirements. This document is appertained by the business users and the stakeholders’ approval required on this document to proceed with planning and development steps. It is generally developed for the business users, stakeholders.


After the document preparation, the client reviews and sign off the project and make sure that it meets the business’s expectations. The primary audience of the BRD is project sponsors, Project Manager, and analysts.



FRD describes the behavior and information that solution will manage. They describe capabilities the system will be able to perform in terms of behaviors. This document concentrates on the system’s capabilities, its appearance, and interaction with end-users and other components with other connected systems. This document is also known as Functional Specification Requirement. FRD is derived from the BRD



  • FRD document is usually done during the project planning phase. The functional requirement document is detailed and technical and created by Business Analyst, System Analysts, and Implementation team together and will be used by the development team and testing team.
  • In a small and medium sized organization, a BA handles this.
  • Will get sign off from the client once we prepare FRD




  • Draw flow charts for each process flows for each activity.
  • Detailed view for each requirement, steps to built
  • Highlight the consequences if the project is going good or not.


The FRS is prepared by the business or systems analyst and then reviewed by project manager, then shared with the clients for a final review.

The functional requirement should include the following:

  • Descriptions of data to be entered into the system
  • Descriptions of operations performed by each screen
  • Descriptions of workflows performed by the system
  • Descriptions of system reports or other outputs
  • Who can enter the data into the system?

The use of BRD or FRD in organizations depends on the policies followed by the company and the procedures followed by the project team and stakeholders. If the stakeholders approve the documents, then BA will design the same.



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