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The Business Requirement Document (BRD) understands the requirements of the client at a very high level. These requirements can be statements or user stories, it completely depends on how the client delivers.

BA’s use various Business Requirement Gathering Techniques to get the information from the client depending upon the business as well as the availability of the client, BA prepares BRD by interacting with the client or the client provides business requirement document.

The information of the system to perform the task and the required amount of budget involved to achieve the target, main thing is to concentrate the inputs and the outputs of all the project phases, which involves both the functional and non- functional requirements that can help the project manager to achieve the required target.

Some of the objectives are it should be accepted by the stakeholders, accurate solution to meet the customer/business needs, Input between the stages of the project, detailed description of the requirement with the appropriate solution.
The Functional Requirements Document (FRD) is a proper statement of an application’s functional requirements. It aids the same purpose as a contract. Here, the developers agree to provide the abilities quantified. The client agrees to find the product acceptable if it provides the competencies specified in the FRD.

It contains the proposed performance of the system, this performance may be articulated as facilities, responsibilities or purposes the system is essential to execute. The document should be personalized to fit a specific project’s requirement. They define things such as system controls, data operation and dispensation, user boundary and communication with the application.






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