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Business Requirement Document

Business requirement document is the key document before any Project kicks start. As it describes what the system would look like from a business perspective. It has clearly the business goals mentioned, with the continuous collaboration with Business Analyst and other required stakeholders.

Most of the BRD has following information –

                -Business Goal

                -Business Objectives

                -Stakeholder requirement

                -Any Constraints and limitations

                -Assumptions which may hamper the projects

                -Stockholders details, which will be a contact person

                -Details on Existing Business and Business to be.

                -Business Budget information.

                We can also add many more points based on the BRD format

  • Comes to the BRD format, it is totally Organization Specific. All the Organization uses their own format for the BRD but the Purpose and the way it is used is always same. It is the most critical document among the entire document, it needs to be changed whenever stakeholder introduces any new requirement to the Business.


  • After the BRD is Prepared the signoff is mandatory from the Stackeholders.so that the Project Team kick-starts with the Product development.


  • The Primary user of the document is Functional team, they decide on the best solution to achieve the Business goal.


Functional Requirement document

Once the BRD is completely written, FRD is derived from that .FRD gives the detail of each functionality what a Product is supposed to have. It has all the application requirements mentioned clearly so that there will be no confusion while developing the product among Development Team. It contains modules in depth, with the help of wireframes, process flow, UML, screenshots or whatever it needs to explain to client.


FRD mainly contains the below information-

  • Purpose of the document
  • Modules/Functionality in Scope
  • Out Scope Functionality
  • Problem with Existing System
  • Assumptions and Constraints Of Product
  • Each Identified Functional requirements
  • Hardware/software requirements
  • Operational requirements
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • User Interface


  • This FRD will be referred for all the further documents .e.g.-SRS, Test cases specification documents

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