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Brainstorming is an Activity where a bunch of People come together to discuss various ideas, solutions etc. towards achieving a Goal.


This Technique helps an individual build up their thinking ability with a lot of Creative and Innovative Ideas. Brainstorming is helpful to a person in anyway at any situation.For instance, This can helpful for a student to solve a math problem , This can be helpful for a homemaker to Overcome her day to day challenges and It can be helpful for in IT industry to come up with new solutions and Applications. 


Brainstorming in the IT industry is very helpful to a Business Analyst directly or indirectly to conclude the solutions and arrive at a Final Product .In fact I consider that Brainstorming is a very good friend of Business Analyst in many Situations throughout the process.


  • During Client Interaction: Business Analyst is the person who meets the Client TO gather the Requirement and help the Technical Team to build a Functional Product. During the Client Interaction ,Business Analysts pose a lot of Questions in Layman’s Language to the Client to get Enough information about what they Need in the Product. Initially a Business Analyst needs To Brainstorm as he need to post the right questions in order to get the Requirements Right.Later By asking these Questions to the Client he is enforcing the Client to Brainstorm to give appropriate answers to his Questions.



  • Finalizing the Client: Once the Requirement Gathering is Done ,the Product Owner and Scrum Along with Heads of all the Other Technical Team have session where the Business Analyst posts the Requirement and The Rest of the Team Actually Brainstorm whether or not this can be Built into product with the existing technologies used.




  • While Creating Product Backlog:  When we create the Product Backlog ,Business Analyst and Scrum master Play and important Role. The Requirements gathered in the previous process are made as User Stories .While creating a Product Backlog Each of the User Story is given a score and as per the score rate the priority is decided by the Team.The Business Analyst Lets the Team decide the Score and Priority using the same Brainstorming Process. Thus It becomes easier for Business Analysts to create Backlog.




  • During Development Process: Once The Product Backlog is Completed ,The Development Team Refers to the Documents shared by the Business Analysts and Starts to develop linking one functionality to another and Build the UI design .



Where all of this process becomes Easier the Main Challenge is to deliver the exact requirements requested by the Client . This is possible only when the Brainstorming is done right by the Business Analyst with the Client as well as the Technical Team . Brainstorming gives Vivid Imagination ,Creative Ideas and potential solutions which helps the Stakeholders to think in the Vast Diversity consider the Market and link the features to build a better product.

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