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BPM using Lean Six Sigma

Utilizing BPM tools can help institute a change and redesign in process and help determine the appropriate course of action that improves performance.

BPM focuses on improving the process managements.

It follows 5 important steps

  1. Design: Identifying and designing an improvement plan for the existing processes.
  2. Model: Any changes in design required to determine their efficiency.
  3. Execute: During execution phase the most effective plan is put into action
  4. Monitor: Process are measured and monitored for performance
  5. Optimize: during implementation identify the problems which impacts the process.

BPM helps the organization to drive the business Processes resulting in high efficiency. Integrating BPM with Lean Six sigma is a powerful measure to drive quality improvements.

Six Lean sigma helps to identify the unwanted or faulty process. This will enable organizations to speed up the execution of process and have benefit by having high productivity. The organizations will have better control over their business process.

Eliminating faulty processes will increase speed and agility of the organization.

As Six Sigma continuously improve process, BPM enable them to track work and monitor the outcome. Automation to Simplify the process and adapt to changes can help the organization to sustain optimization.

The data supports the organization to research and arrive at a decision. BPM struggles to fix the problem one at time. Combining Six sigma will remove all unwanted process fixing the issue. It will have a better approach on solving the problem.

BPM and Six Lean sigma collective methods can help organizations eliminate errors, improve quality and productivity, and optimize, manage and control processes more efficiently.


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