BLOG1: What are the basic requirements of a business analyst

In today’s growing world, every organization wants their processes to be updated and improved. Business Analyst is the person who will solve this problem and help the organization to make critical decision regarding the business processes. Business analyst is the person who possesses strong analytical skills, critical thinking skills and domain knowledge. Business Analyst is a person who analyses the business processes and understands the business problems which are hampering the organization from growing. He provides his input to the problems and delivers solutions as per the market research which will help the stakeholders to make the changes in the organization. Business analyst is a liaison between the stakeholders and the development team. He communicates the requirements of stakeholders to the development team and if development team has some requirements while developing the software Business Analyst will communicate the same to stakeholders.  

As a business analyst there are some core sets of skills that one needs to have professionally. 

  1. Critical thinker:

Business analyst should listen to requirements carefully and thoughtfully come to the conclusion. Critical thinking will help the business analyst understand and prioritize stakeholders’ requirements and manage the work assigned as per given time and budget.


  1. Effective communicator:

As a mediator between the development team and stakeholders, business analyst must have good communication and interpersonal skills. Business analyst conducts meetings frequently and so with effective communication he can convey the plans in the meetings.


  1. Possess domain and technical knowledge:

BA must have a concerned domain knowledge to handle the projects effectively. He should have a programming knowledge if he is working for the software company. 


  1. Thoughtful decision maker:

When business analyst takes, any decisions will directly relate to the growth of the company. BA needs to think twice and think for alternate methodology before coming to the solution. 


  1. Negotiator:

Business analyst need to negotiate at every level of the project. Negotiation skill will be used in deciding project vision, budget, prioritizing requirements, etc.


  1. Effective presenter:

Presentation skill is the core skill that every business analyst should possess. Business analyst need to present the work so many times to the stakeholders and he also needs to present the requirements with the team. Effective presentation skills will help BA to present the communication most effectively.


  1. Solution provider:

BA needs to provide the solutions to the issues faced by development team. BA have to work as a solution provider throughout the project.


  1. Documentation skills and ownership:

Business analyst need to document all the communication, reports, stages of the project, etc. on mail. Documentation skills will help to complete the project on time. BA also needs an ownership quality to make project more effective. 


  1. Believe in teamwork:

Project completion on time is totally depends on the teamwork. Every individual is completing the assigned task on time then only the project will succeed. BA needs to believe to the strength of each team member and give them a support where they need. 

In this way we require a BA as a heart of the project in the organisation to apply the knowledge and take the efforts to grow the organisation as a whole and having the above-mentioned skills to fulfil the tasks.

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