#1 – Must have excellent presentation skills 

A BA has to facilitate workshops, or give presentation to stakeholders or project team.

Thus, BA must have excellent presentation skills.

#2 – Must be excellent at time management  

A BA must have excellent time management skills to ensure that the project is not falling behind schedule and is getting completed on time.


#3 – must take different VARYING RESPONSIBILITIES

The title of Business Analyst is commonly utilized, but the roles and responsibilities of title change drastically from company to company.

Some Business Analysts are in very technical roles, while others are strictly working on the business side.  Some are heavy into defining and adjusting process flows, while others are designing technical solutions to solve business needs.


#4 – MUst be INDEPENDent AND FLEXIBile

Business Analyst often involves working with all levels of management and with repeatable process, they need to have the trust and flexibility to accomplish their tasks independently.


#5 – must accept DIFFERENT day EACH DAY

Being a Business Analyst is incredibly different.  You get to schedule your own tasks for a given day, and also the way you carry them out are entirely up to you.

Every project; every task is different.

Business Analyst must be patient enough to accept different daily tasks each day.



The most successful Business Analysts must have a wide range of knowledge and experience gained from various odd jobs, previous careers, and their education.  Your experiences and knowledge gained can and will be utilized as a Business Analyst.



A Business Analyst should solve complex business problems.  BA must being able to help others by solving problems and make their jobs easier.


#8 – Must have good verbal communictaion skills 

A Business Analyst should be able to communicate correct information at the appropriate level is extremely important.


#9 – Must be a good listener

Listening skill is the secret key for being a successful BA. You must be able to not only listen but also absorb the correct information. This will allow you to analyse thoroughly the information gathered to specify requirements. Observing voice tone and body language will help you understand the message behind the words.


#10 – Must have excellent documentation and writing skills   

As a BA you will be required to deliver a range of different types of documents. Starting with BRD, FRD, related Requirements documents, reports, specifications, plans and analysis.


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