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Behavioural Characteristics of a Business Analyst

Behavioural characteristics are a significant range of abilities for a business analyst and influence the aftereffects of his endeavours. They are significant on the grounds that they help a BA increase trust and regard of stakeholders.

This can be achieved by

  • Working ethically
  • Meeting deadlines in a desired way
  • Efficiently delivering results
  • Being adaptable

Working ethically::

  • Considering benefits as well as the moral ramifications of a solution encourages in lessening risks to chance.
  • It requires comprehension and focal point on honesty, thought and good conduct. Honesty doesn’t imply that a result is advantageous to a stakeholder however, they comprehend the reasons for it.
  • Brief recognizable proof and goals of ethical issues.

Meeting deadlines in a desired way::

  • Work effort is arranged and conveyed to other people.
  • Fulfilling time constraints and re arranging meetings with adequate reasoning and lead time.
  • Updating status regarding arranged and impromptu work.
  • Be systematic and structured.
  • Risks and issues are distinguished and followed up on.


  • It helps evoking data around touchy issues and assist stakeholders with accepting that their proposals will be assessed appropriately and decently.
  • It counterbalances the dread of change experienced by stakeholders.
  • A few ways to ensure trustworthiness are by being reliable and thorough, solid disposition by steady confidence, unsurprising and dependable accessibility.

Organization and Time Management::

  • Helps work successfully and effectively
  • Includes capacity to organize assignments. Putting away data in productive way to reuse it. Separate significant and irrelevant work. Building up short and long-haul objectives, using agenda and overseeing potential interferences.
  • Complete readiness for gatherings, meetings and requirements workshops.


  • Business Analysts need to change their conduct style and strategy for way to deal with increment in their viability while collaborating with various stakeholders, associations and circumstances.

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