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Behavioral Characteristics for Business Analysts

Behavioral Characteristics are very important set of skills required for Business Analyst. These are the important because they affect the results of his(Business Analyst) efforts. This in-fact helps the Business Analyst to gain the trust and respect of stakeholders.

They can be achieved by the following Behavioral characteristics.

  • Strong sense of ethics: A business Analyst should behave ethically in order to earn the trust and respect of stakeholders in order to recognize given proposed solution or requirement, which may later present ethical difficulty.

If you are unable to perceive the task, don’t hide it. Try to get a clear picture of it to understand well. Also try to be bold enough to tell about your abilities, which will help others to give you a proper task.


  • Personal Accountability or Organization: Personal organization skill helps business analyst to effectively manage tasks and information.

Need to manage lot of Information as lot of information comes from different sources. Most of the projects have many requirements and information to manage. If you aren’t organized or accountable you may struggle to achieve your task.


  • Trustworthiness: Earning the trust of key stake holders is one of the important factor to ensure that the business analyst is able to elicit the requirements on sensitive issues and to ensure that recommendations are properly evaluated.

If stakeholders don’t trust you they don’t share the complete information. It is always a privilege to work under complete interest of stakeholders. It is always a healthy practice to address issues honestly.


  • Time Management: This skill helps us to help efficiently and effectively. It involves the ability to prioritize the tasks. Storing Information in efficient manner to re use it. Sorting important and unimportant information. This helps to establish long term and short term goals. Helps us to utilize the checklist and even manage potential interruptions. Finally this skill helps us to prepare for meetings, requirement workshops and interviews at correct time plan


  • Adaptability: As Business Analysts need to deal with different set or styles of stakeholders as each may have different mindset. BA needs to adjust to their behavioral style and method of approach to increase their effectiveness while interacting.

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