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BA’s role in Agile practices

  • Be cross functional- identify your secondary skills
  • Collaborate and communicate more with everyone
  • Be ready to take on tasks that may not be your primary skill
  • Be available through out the project life cycle
  • Liaison with product owner to prepare product backlog
  • Help product owner prioritize product backlog items
  • Support product owner in maintaining the product backlog
  • Support product owner in defining the acceptance criteria for “Done”
  • Participate in the session by sizing the backlog items
  • Ask more questions to understand the scope of the requirement correctly
  • If required, explain the product backlog item scope and functionality as required to the entire team prior/during the session
  • Add value by providing insights on the scope, technical constraints, testing challenges of the backlog items during the session
  • Express your thoughts to support your estimates
  • Participate in team discussions to prioritize the backlog items
  • Identify risks , constraints and dependencies and be prepared to share these constraints,
  • Aid the discussions towards maintaining balance between choosing high business priority items and items that will help mitigate high magnitude risks
  • Participate in daily stand up calls. Talk about aspects specific to your tasks.
  • Show interest in what others in team are doing
  • Propose solutions to resolve impediments faced by team
  • Participate in discussions to identify what will be accomplished in the iteration
  • Identify tasks to be done to complete the backlog item
  • Estimate hours for the tasks and commit to them
  • Declare your available capacity for the iteration and commit to it
  • Collaborate with team and assess iteration results
  • Provide quick recap of objectives to whole team including business for shared understanding (where ever required)
  • Participate and share your experiences with others about what went well and what didn’t in the iteration
  • Discuss lessons learnt and identify action plans to follow as a team
  • Participate in discussions on scorecard measures
  • Use the scorecard to understand the health of the project

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