In today’s competitive and fast paced technological world many institutions and organizations compete with each other to attract more business from the clients. The clients are the most essential aspect to any organization. The client/customer satisfaction is given the lion’s share of importance. Every organization develops and implements new techniques and methods to achieve the expectations of the clients.

In every stream of business client has new ideas and plans. For these plans to materialize they rely upon experts in the industry who provide services of converting the client’s ideas into reality. These experts can be an individual, a small industry or a large multi-national organization. It is very important for these service providers to precisely understand the client’s ideas and plans. These are called as “requirements”. All the information is gathered from the client and a presentation is prepared to explain how their vision could become a reality. Many techniques and applications are used to prepare these presentations. One amongst them is “BALSAMIQ”.

Balsamiq is a graphical user interface and website wireframe builder application. The designer uses this application to create wireframes which explains the client the initial structure of their requirements and how they shape into final outcome. Various wireframes pertaining to web based and mobile based applications can be created in balsamiq. Balsamiq provides various features with which we can create an initial working blueprint of the final output. With features such as assets, buttons, containers, forms, icons, layouts, symbols and many more a designer can create an impressive presentation to the client. These presentations are termed as “mock ups” in balsamiq.

These mock ups can be shared with the client and the client can easily access these mock ups without any hassles. Balsamiq mock ups are static in nature. They present the information that will be displayed on the page, they give an outline of structure and layout of the page and convey the overall direction and description of the user interface. Unlike prototypes which are interactive visual representation and resemble a more finished product, wireframes are minimal interactive and used to create the initial design of the product.

One of the key advantages of balsamiq is that the wireframes can be created in a quick period of time. As being less interactive in nature these wireframes can be easily understood with out any complications. These wireframes can also be exported into PDF files for the clients to view the presentation.

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