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BA Processes

  • The business analysis process begins with analyzing the enterprise to determine the organizational changes needed to meet the business strategy.
  • The decision package includes initial risk assessment, business case, feasibility study and other documents that support the decision making.
  • The BA then works with the PM to define and document the vision and scope of the solution.
  • When planning requirements, the BA develops a the requirements work plan (RWP) which includes the work breakdown for the rest of the business analysis processes.
  • Now the BA is responsible to elicit requirements, As the end of this phase there will be a list of requirements which will be documented, analyzed, validated in future phases.
  • The goal of analyzing and documenting requirements is to create the business requirements document (BRD) which will be used by the project team.
  • When assessing and validating requirements the BA checks requirements to ensure they meet stakeholder objectives.
  • The master test plan created now will assist the QA team while testing the final project deliverable’s.
  • The output of the entire BA process includes the approval of the requirements, which leads to the approval final project deliverable’s.

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