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BA Approach towards the project


What Elicitation Techniques to apply – Stakeholder Analysis, Brainstorming, Interview, Document Analysis, Focus Groups, Interface Analysis, Observation, Prototyping, Joint Application Development, Survey.

we shall adopt Stakeholder Analysis, Brainstorming, Interview, Document Analysis, Observation, Joint Action development and survey.

How to do Stakeholder Analysis RACI/ILS – Identifying the key stakeholders and their interests in the project, Assessing the Influence of, Importance of and level of impact upon each stakeholder, Identifying how best to engage stakeholders.

In A Project people who are involved directly and in directly are the stakeholder’s helps in the requirements gathering for the project. This gathered requirements are documented for the development of the project. Primary stakeholder who is a budget provider and keep track on the budget and project profits.

What Documents to Write – Project Vision Document, Business Analysis Plan, Business Requirements Document (BRD), Functional Requirements Specifications (FRS), Functional Specification Document (FSD), System Requirements Specification (SRS), System Requirement Document (SRD), Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM), Use Case Diagram, Wireframes, Mock-ups, Change Request Document, Test Cases.

What Process to follow to Sign off on the Documents – After the gathering of the requirements from the stakeholders are listed and then documented. Now this documented requirements are get signed by the stakeholders for future reference. BA and Project manager will take the responsibility of the signoffs. The changes during the project and process are intimated timely and communicated to the Stakeholders and to the concerned departments through mail and record is maintained.

How to take Approvals from the client – In order to get approvals from the client, the client is communicated at every stage of the project that shows the client requirements, like Set Reasonable Expectations and milestones, Understand what’s important to Each stakeholder, Involve and educated your client from the start, Implement Feedback, Thoroughly explain why you did what you did, streamlining the Review & approval process makes all parties satisfied.

What Communication Channels to establish n implement – Mails shall be used as a base communication during the project. Maintain signed MoMs after every meeting. The points of contact from company would Project Manager and BA, while the SPOC.

The communication channels will be the

  • Face to Face communication like meetings
  • Mails
  • Phone calls
  • Text Messages
  • Video Conferencing

How to Handle Change requests – The change request may be requested by the client/stakeholder of the project. This change request are gathered and documented by the BA and discussed with the PM of the APT IT Solutions. These change requests are

  • Collection of relevant supporting documentation
  • Know the scope of the change in the project
  • Prioritise the change request
  • Approve/Reject the change request
  • Plan the implementation

How to update the progress of the project to the stakeholders – The involvement of Product owner and key stakeholders during the requirements gathering would help the team to understand what exactly is required to develop an Agricultural Products store,

  • Build your report where work lives
  • Name your report
  • Indicate project health
  • Quickly summarize the status report


  • Add a high level overview of each key area
  • Add links to other documents or resources
  • Flag any blockers the project has run into
  • Highlight next step

How to take signoffs on the UAT – The Signoffs shall be collected on every document submitted. An acknowledgement is made such that all project requirements have been met and that all deliverables are complete.

The Client acceptance form signifies signoff of the delivered solution, it verifies what deliverables are being turned over to the client and that the client has accepted/approved those deliverables.



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