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BA approach towards Project

BA Approach towards Project.

Business Analysis Approach is very important for the success of any project. The approach towards the project  defines the lifecycle, deliverables, templates, and tasks that should be included.

The BA should be a problem solver and play a very important role from start to end of the project.

Understanding the correct requirement of the Business Stakeholders, writing the requirements, analyzing it and passing it to the development team. Ensuring all requirements are converted into working software.

BA plays very important role in co coordinating with the Business stakeholders and project stakeholders

Business Analyst helps in understanding an overview of the business problem, goals and objectives . Techniques, Deliverables, and Timeline is a key component here: – Create a list of techniques such as process modelling, use cases, document analysis, requirements workshops, and interface analysis.

The business analyst plays very important role in handling the change request and communication to the stakeholders.. A systematic approach enables organizations to introduce and control change, whether for profit or not and come to decision to go ahead .

Monitoring the timeline of each and every phase and tracking of the progress will result into a good project.  Business Analyst plays very important role in dealing the change request from the stakeholders.

Business Analyst should understand the requirements  be able to convert into Use case diagrams or user stories.

BA creates the UAT plan and KT and documents the ownership post completion of the project.


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